A Guide To Buying Little Girl Hats

December 21, 2016


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It is undeniable that buying clothes for little kids are fun. Grownups, particularly the parents, enjoy picking out shirts, dresses, socks, shoes, and hats for these cute little creatures. Little girl hats, on the other hand, are more than just fashion accessories as they also provide protection to your child. Before you make a purchase it is important to know why babies need them and what factors to consider to ensure that you get the right one.

What Purpose Do They Serve

Little girl hats help infants normalize their body temperature. It takes a little while for them to adjust to the cooler environment after spending nine months in their mother’s womb. Apart from that, hats shield the baby’s eyes and skin from sunlight especially when they are outdoors. These items are also essential for those under six months whenever they get exposed to the sun since they still cannot use thick layers of sunblock or chemical sunscreens. Your little one could also benefit from using a hat during cold weather seasons.

Size Matters

As with any type of clothing, little girl hats require proper sizing. Just like baby outfits, they are sized according to the baby’s age. For instance, a newborn can wear hats that are marked 0-3 months. However, some of these items are labeled as One Size, which could mean that the hat can be stretched. Others may be marked as small, medium, or large. Also, please remember that size charts differ from one manufacturer to another. However, you will find some charts that will give you a general idea of the sizes for baby hats.

Types Of Hats

The first types of baby hats are those that can be used on a daily basis and all year round. These are common among newborns and serve as one of the means to keep babies warm. There are also those that are referred to as seasonal baby hats that can be used during warm summer days to keep the sun off their sensitive heads and faces. You will find sun hats, bonnets, bucket hats, berets, and cloches. There are also special hats that can be used during rainy seasons.

You will also find hats for special occasions. The ones that are common are Easter bonnets and Christmas hats. There are also Halloween hats, which may be in the form of animals, little angels, or traditional ghosties. You can also find Christening bonnets.

Hat Materials

Before making a purchase, make sure that the hat material will not irritate the skin of your baby. It should be as soft as possible. Ideal ones are usually those that are made from pesticide-free natural fiber, cotton, and wool. You should also pay attention if your baby is allergic to lanolin. Some of the signs are fussiness and development of rash.

Where To Buy Hats

You can check out discount stores, department stores, toy stores, baby shops. They can be found either online or in traditional physical stores. You may also consider yard sales, online auctions sites, thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and bazaars.

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