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March 12, 2018


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Embroidery is a complicated craft and it surely is not for everyone. But if you are willing to give it a try, we suggest you start watching video tutorials on YouTube and follow embroidery blogs online so you’ll get an idea how it’s done.

There are a lot of popular blog posts on embroidery that feature passionate and skilled designers, techniques and tips that will help you a great deal. If you don’t know what bog posts to follow, we’ll give you some of our recommended sites that will encourage you to learn more about embroidery design.

  1. Needle ‘N’ Thread

One of the most popular embroidery designers in the world is Mary Corbet. In her blog site called Needle ‘N’ Thread, she shares tutorial videos, useful tips as well as embroidery patterns all for free! Yes, you read that right. She is offering it for free! All you need to do is visit her site and spend a couple of minutes there. You’ll definitely learn a lot. Mary is famed for her traditional embroideries made from a variety of stitches. If you have a thing for classics, go ahead and follow her.

  1. Feeling Stitchy

The blog Feeling Stitchy is created by a group of embroidery enthusiasts who are passionate about stitching. Since this blog is made by a number of embroidery aficionados, you can expect interesting and varied posts about the craft. We promise you’ll never get bored with it. Aside from their input they will also offer a lot of embroidery inspiration for you. If you want to connect with fellow stitchers, this is the place to go.

  1. Sublime Stitching

The founder of this blog site is Jenny Hart, a well-known artist in the embroidery industry who loves to share her passion on embroidery. In her blogs, you’ll read about insightful tips on embroidery. She also shares videos on how to do complicated and challenging stitches. It’s also on this site where she updates her followers and subscribers of her upcoming events.

If you’re ready to be inspired, bookmark these sites and start following them or take a look at designs for embroidery! Happy stitching!

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